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19 de outubro de 2010

I really don´t know why i´m posting in english. Just want to do it this way. And sorry if i write something wrong or confuse some phrases…i´m not correcting this with the dictionary.

So, there´s a long time that i don´t post here. I´m very busy lately.
in fact, i have time to do it…if i organize my time… i´m very anxious…

LORD, i need to work!!
Give me some patience to study moreeee!!
Give more calm to do my tests!!!

i want to return to my english classes…
i want to take my driver´s license…
oh gosh, i want so many things!!!

i want to grow quickly!
I want to have my job, have my own home,my car, my money, my investments, my labrador!!!
I want a farm, take care of my horses, my black horse!!!
i want a loft in the metropolis…..
i want to travel around the world, know all my country!!!

i want to hold some old friends…old and sumed friends….
i want to stop missing some things…some people…
i want to have power to erase…erase not cool regards;

DAMMIT, i´ve been so nostalgic!