and i´ll keep trying!

this week some esecial moments happening to me.
My dream almost came true.
I received 2 proposals about job oportunite.
Yes, not one ..Two..
But the first i was called on monday nigth..i was really excited..and i just had left the second interview, that one that i relly want most.
but whatever.. they was really big opportunities.. the two!
I tried to postpone accepting the first because i had hope to the second would call me!
but, on wednesday i went to the fist and signed the contract…
As soon as i left there.. the second called me
i was really happy but i refused.. because i was already on the one… i saty confused.. all day, on the next day.. but i thopught that would be better continuing on the firts.. because i´d already made a commitment..even i would feel better whit the people on the first company.
Ok, i thougth taht it was the right thing to do..
today, the first one canceled the contract! just ecause my shedule!!
why they deceived me???? WHY!!!
i lost the best opportunity to begging my carrer! Now, i´m crying a lot!
i made the bad choice! the Worse! dammit!

this is sux!
i´m really nervous!


NLBT aprendendocomavidasempre!


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